Saturday, January 20, 2018

Don't Tell Me, Show Me.

Actions do speak louder than words. We live in a society where majority of us have evolved into natural critics of most variables that exist around us and within our lives. Due to greater exposure to things in our environment, we've also created a vacuum for skepticism to claim a spot within the monkey mind, which is constantly speeding through thousands of thoughts per minute. Our mind's primary job is to protect us from any threats it encounters during our waking state, historically it has and still does represent a vital role in the fight or flight syndrome. When we're introduced to new elements from people to environments, the mind has every right to raise its guards until its convinced there's no threat to the owner of the mind and body. From making business decisions to navigating through personal relationships, society is trained to expect some visible signs of positive engagement, in some cases even positive reinforcement, to trust the opportunities that reside in their path. Humans thrive on instinct, a vital component needed for survival; although we know better, seeing is believing so we can embrace an idea in the making. If one can proposition great ideas, they better back them up!

Waiting to See,


Friday, January 19, 2018

Can You Forgive Someone You’ve Never Met?

Forgiveness is a topic I’ve covered over the past three years by speaking about it before audiences, solo and among guests, including live group discussions over the past year. We’ve all fallen prey to situations whether they were premeditated or not, to people and circumstances that enter our lives. Through these events we’re introduced to people, whom I call ghosts, who’ve influenced the lives of our loved ones and acquaintances. These ghosts have molded the perception and ability for those in our lives to engage with others to a degree. Some of these ghosts have robbed our loved ones of their ability to trust and love those around them due to bad experiences from the past. Other ghosts have scarred the minds of those trapped in a freeze frame from moving forward in life. Ghosts exists in different forms in our lives, from past lovers to friends to strangers who unexpectedly leave an imprint in our psyche. Not all ghosts are bad. Are you harboring resistance towards someone or a circumstance that existed prior to your arrival on the scene? Are you facing frustration because you’re trying to move forward in a situation that’s been tainted by the ghost of someone’s past? Everyone has a history regardless of whether they’ve managed their history well or not. It’s not our job to rectify the past that doesn’t belong to us, it isn’t our job to rectify the present that belongs to another. People can only help themselves. Society loves to project blame onto others, this is a rare scenario where some are granted a free pass to assign acknowledgement, not blame, onto ghost(s) that prevent people from actualizing a better life path. After all said and done, true closure comes from within.

Let Go,


Thursday, January 18, 2018

No Prayer Left Behind

Everyday humans tend to make requests for their needs and wishes to be fulfilled. Whether one is reaching out to their creator, the source, mother earth, or the universe, it’s clear people are expecting answers from somewhere. Society is conditioned to believe that every time we reach out to any source, we’re entitled to receive at least an acknowledgement in a respectable fashion. What happens when people have exercised all their avenues to seek an answer? Sometimes nothing. Nothing. Nada. Nil. The universe owes us nothing. We're programmed to believe that every action must have a reaction, a lack of response is a reaction itself. Like prayers, not all prayers are answered by the higher powers above. Some prayers are answered immediately or later in time, others are ignored since there are better outcomes in store for us. Perhaps the latter is a blessing in disguise because what we seek at times is not always what we need. In today’s age, from observation, many grown adults can’t differentiate their needs from their wants due to the influx of resources and options available. People tend to ask for things that may satisfy their immediate senses but fail to serve their higher purpose later in time. Convenience, accompanied with temptation and sprinkles of delusion form a perfect cocktail for people to engage in spiritual tantrums. We must remember the universe only reflects what we’re projecting outwards. With every need or wish that’s left unfulfilled, this creates a vacuum for something new to unexpectedly surface in our paths. When we least expect it, the universe will compensate for some of the radio silence its sent your way. Think positive. Live positive.

Radio silence isn’t always bad…


Wednesday, January 17, 2018


People make thousands of decisions per day without realizing how often our brain caters to us while in auto-pilot mode. From putting socks on in the morning to driving to work, most people automatically know how to transition from Task A to Task B without engaging in much forethought. From the large pool of decisions, we make regularly, we face speed bumps when approached with significant decisions that determine our overall well-being. We’re expected to weigh our options, if available, to assess the likelihood the choice we make is going to make us more content in life. Sometimes the things we perceive that make us happier, richer and perhaps more powerful are the same elements that nourish us before they destroy us. While decision making is an art for some, it’s a daunting task that others defer until they no longer can bide time. People tend to avoid making decisions due to the fear that their choice will garner more complications rather than address the matter demanding the decision. Most decisions in life are reversible, they can be refined to accommodate the reality deemed acceptable by participants involved in this process. Some choices may involve the counsel of confidantes and professionals prior to making a final call; although others may offer guidance, it’s the decision maker that’s responsible for the consequences. What’s the boldest decision that you’ve made in your life? How did it change your outlook on life?

Be Bold,


Tuesday, January 16, 2018


"Laughter is the best medicine. But if you're laughing without reason, you need medicine." - #quote CoolnSmart

Action Item: Go out & enjoy your day. Laugh a little, it makes life worthwhile.  You never know whom or what you'll attract!

Pay it forward,


Monday, January 15, 2018


Standard (stand·ard)

1. a level of quality or attainment.
2. an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations.

Most people in society host a set level of standards that dictate the norms of their well-being and quality of life. When people exude high expectations, sometimes they’re shamed by society for ‘being high-maintenance’ in regard to seeking a desired status, or outcome. Standards dictate many things in society from how well you allow yourself to be treated to what environmental norms are suited for your optimal quality of lifestyle, including the type of relationships and career opportunities entertained, for example. These standards allow us to reassess our preferences over a period as we evolve and grow as individuals. We may be prompted to increase our standards, or slightly adjust them depending on what exactly we’re trying to achieve in our path, this is made possible by knowing why we’re willing to play with a barometer that may not necessarily guarantee the results we’re anticipating. Regardless of what the critics believe, hosting a set of standards and principles is a ‘good’ thing. Knowing your standards is essential, adhering to them can be challenging when there are moving variables testing your threshold for accepting what’s given to you in life. If you’re not content with the opportunities situated before you, go out and create them yourself. There’s always room for improvement in our lives, the assistance and support may not always appear from a third party, instead that void can be filled by taking the first step in helping ourselves. This grants people the choice to lead by example, forge forward with new ground-breaking ideas by having followers entertain these prospective changes. They’ll be times when you’ll face lack of support from those around you, it’s okay, you’re responsible for your well-being. Knowing this fact should encourage you to act from a place of self-respect and dignity. It’s better to walk alone rather than joining a bandwagon that may lure you away from your greater purpose in life. It’s not always easy to walk away, but think of the finer things that are waiting for you. You’ll know you’ve earned it when you won’t have to engage in mental gymnastics to justify your decision for unapologetically adhering to your standards for a reason. Without reason, there’s no game.

Just do it,


Saturday, January 13, 2018


When people think of the word clear, they often think of clear water, clear vision and the list goes on. We often have high expectations of people communicating clearly so we understand their messages whether it's through speech and actions, or any other creative means. Sometimes we ourselves fall short of reciprocating such gestures through clear communication allowing our audiences to understand our needs and wants. When I started my spiritual counselling career, it became a norm for meeting clients facing personal challenges derived from communication problems. Clients exhibited confusion when it came to identifying their needs and wants, instead they expected others in their life to 'just know' what was expected of them in relationships, personal and professional, or any endeavor that included a third party. People tend to create these invisible mental contracts that are never communicated to the appropriate parties in order to build a bridge of sensible communication.  Extending this concept to our energy vibrations, it is 'very very very' important to focus on what we choose to invite into our time and space.  If we're not focused on knowing what we want in  our lives, the universe will send all random experiences your way without filtering the unnecessary ones that one can avoid. It's important to focus and develop ways to articulate your needs if you want to seek positive results in a smooth and prompt manner.  When we're clear in our thinking, speech and actions, at least we're allowing our energy to take form so the universe can react.  Thoughts do become things, be careful of what you believe and what you choose to welcome in your path.  Like attracts like, problems only linger if we feed energy into them. Similarly, warped communication will only welcome misunderstandings resulting in a waste of time due to these distractions.  Life is short, make each word count, make each message count & foremost make each day count.

Live Your Best Life,